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Koshika coffee table

Koshika coffee table

Introducing the "Koshika"Coffee Table: A stunning piece of functional art that seamlessly blends biology and design. This unique coffee table replicates the intricate structure of a human cell, captivating your guests with its combination of elegance and science. The main body of the table is crafted from cast aluminum, meticulously divided into two parts, reminiscent of the cell's cytoplasm, with its gently curves and weaves. The sleek aluminum finish adds a contemporary touch, making it a perfect fit for modern interiors. At the heart of the table lies the centerpiece, the cast brass nucleus. Its antique golden hue stands out as a focal point, symbolizing the importance of the nucleus in controlling the cell's functions. The nucleus is carefully sculpted to mimic the irregular shape of a real cell nucleus, bringing a touch of nature's imperfection into the design.
Dimension: H 16” x W 39” x D 46”
Material: Cast Brass and Cast Aluminium
Since all our pieces are handmade expect a lead time of 15-20 days to complete the order. These made to order products cannot be returned or exchanged.

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