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About Us

Studio Aurawala, is a passionately creative studio that innovates and redesigns items used daily. Every product beginning from its design, prototyping, casting, machining and finishing is done in-house in our Mumbai workshop.


Truly believing in #vocalforlocal we work with well-experienced highly skilled native artisans. Their astute handmade artistry adds a swirl to the archaic design and can meticulously manufacture high-quality products.

Unlike other contemporaries, we make to order using the finest quality materials. Our unique work of art aims to add glamour and appeal to your decor without compromising on its basic functionality.


Each product, even in the repetition of form, has a unique identity because of its hands-on approach. Products may have slight variations and tiny imperfections symbolizing uniqueness, thus making every piece one of a kind.
Apart from our curated product line, certain products can be customized depending on the client’s requirements regarding sizing and surface finishes. We collaborate with interior designers and architects to fabricate their ideas into reality.


Casting, machining, welding and patina process involves use of heavy machinery, dust and fumes therefore we make sure our spaces are properly ventilated, artisans are given appropriate safety equipment and hazardous chemicals are disposed in proper way. Health and well being of our people is of paramount importance.

Since building unique products require coordination between the teams, ethical code of respecting each others runs through our company.




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