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lantern floor lamp

lantern floor lamp

This unique floor lamp captures the essence of traditional lanterns stacked upon one another, creating a harmonious blend of rustic charm and modern elegance. Crafted in aluminium metal, it features a slender, vertical structure with multiple open, lantern-shaped tiers. Each lantern element is adorned with texture that softly diffuse the warm, ambient light within. The soft glow emanating from each tier casts intriguing shadows, adding a touch of mystery and intrigue to any room. With its innovative design and gentle illumination, the "Lantern Stack" Floor Lamp is both a functional lighting fixture and a captivating artistic statement, perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in any space.
Since all our pieces are handmade expect a lead time of 15-20 days to complete the order. These made to order products cannot be returned or exchanged.

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